Hydrogen vehicle Building China-UK hydrogen vehicle industry platform

Building China-UK hydrogen vehicle industry platform
Bringing in cutting edge hydrogen vehicle technology for Chinese companies

Health tourism Joining hands with global health tourism institutions

China-UK health tourism
New model of global health tourism​

Tier 1 Visa Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa

Interview training by Royal Etiquette School
Dedicated investment project for Tier 1 Visa

Creative culture Cultural interpretation of business model

Providing cultural products for local government
Integrating value chain of creative cultural products​


Our advantage
  • 12 experts with business know-how and in-depth perspective of government strategy and policy .
  • Delivering service worldwide based on three offices in London, HK and Wuhan.
  • Providing the intent investors with: One-stop value-added service for Chinese companies and their Britain partners, Including but not limited to: business visit, business financing, M&A and enterprise investment management service.


26, Shiji building, Zone A, Shijicaicheng, 233 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Second Floor 13 - 14 Hanover Street London W1S 1YH
First Floor,72 Muk Kiu Tau Tsuen, Kiu Hing Road,Yuen Long,NT,Hong Kong