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2017-01-18 1)Background: Swansea and Nantong became twin cities 29 years ago but the cities barely contact each other afterwards.
2)Innovation: In Aug, 2016, Longheyuan came up with an idea of 30th  anniversary and extended invitation to Swansea government and city council on behalf of Nantong government and got a warm response.
3) Visit: In Oct 2016, a Swansea delegation led by Lord mayor and city councilor, organized by Longheyuan, visited Nantong and was warmly welcome by Nantong side, resuming their friendship. During the visit, both sides expressed wishes to strength partnership and complement each other in various ways and agreed Nantong city will come to Swansea for 30th anniversary celebration.  
4) Achievement: Longheyuan is coordinating both Swansea and Nantong government to bring British elements to Nantong and a specific project is underway.Sister


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